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Worked wonders

What amazing stuff 👌 my dog had bad diarrhoea and within 2 days of given him this stuff his stools went back to normal, would highly recommend 👍

Hello Rachael,
Thank you for your 5 Star review. We are so happy that our Probiotic Paste worked so quickly for your dog.
Paul & Justine

Digestive paste

Does what it says on the tin would recommend

Hello Diane,
Thank you for your brilliant review.
Kind regards,
Paul & Justine

Excellent product

I love having my dogs on this.

Excellent supplement

Did everything that it says it will do. I have my pointer on it. She sufferers with anal glands filling up too quickly. I was having her glands squeezed every 8 weeks. Since she’s been on this, that time has more than doubled.

Thank you for your great review. Far less discomfort for your dog now!
Kind regards,
Paul & Justine

Very good my dog is eating so much better not eating any grass at all.Very happy with this product will be buying again.

Thank you for your review.
Kind regards
Paul & Justine

Omega 3

I’m so sorry made a mistake with the stars

⭐️ Defo a five star product
Amazing service and delivery fast. Good jobs as I had run out. One teaspoon every day with the fibre supplements keeps their gut balanced and stools firm supporting anal gland function and has stopped the dragging their bum in the floor. Anal glands sorted 💩

Thank you for your brilliant review.
Kind regards,
Paul & Justine

Excellent product

Our Gordon’s now been on these tablets for many months and they have made a vast difference to his movement. He now loves going on his walks.

Thank you for your brilliant review.
Kind regards
Paul & Justine

This product is, without doubt, The Best one on the market! I have been using probiotics for a number of years for my dogs as the gut biome is so important for a dog's optimum health especially if they have had antibiotics. . When one of my dogs recently became unwell, he was started on probiotics immediately, whilst there was some improvement, he still wasn't 100%, you know your own dog, and when they are just not right! Having spoken to Paul, he explained its ingredients, and how it would help my dog. Within 2 DAYS of using this product, my dog not only made a full recovery, but his ears are also beautifully clean, his eyes look beautiful, his coat looks amazing, he is Full of energy, has healthy stools, is happy, is eating normally again, and is in better health than ever. I will be keeping my dog on this because it has made a huge difference to him on every level. My advice to any dog owner is, Buy this product, you will save yourself money from repeated visits to the vets, and a whole lot of heartache and your dog will Thank you for it too.

Thank you for your brilliant review.
Kind regards
Paul & Justine

I have given probiotics to my dogs many times, both after any medication but also maintenance, but this product is without doubt The Best product that I have ever used for gut health for my dogs. My new dog, who is a rescue and only 3 years old, was recently back and forth to the vets with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis. Despite medications including antibiotics and probiotics he was still \u201cnot right\u201d, very lethargic, poor appetite and his stools not as they should be for a raw fed young dog. I am so grateful to have found JP Holistic Nutrition and spoken with Dr Paul Boland, who took the time to listen to my concerns and recommended this product for my dog and why the additional ingredients, including bentonite clay would be beneficial for my boy. The positive change in my boy within 2 days was remarkable, he was much more energetic, had healthy stools, his eyes looked clearer, he was happier and was eating normally again. This product has made a huge difference to the health and overall wellbeing of my dog, and having seen how poorly my dog was and the huge improvement after taking this product, not only will I continue to use it, I have already recommended this to numerous people already. Buy it, your dog will thank you for it, and you will save yourself a whole load of money and heartache.

This product certainly demonstrates the connection between gut health and behaviour. I\u2019ve been giving my dogs this for a couple of months now and one of them is a lot more content and settled.\n\nHard to explain but the energy that is coming off him is fantastic.

My cat has kidney disease but after using this supplement I can see a great improvement.

This supplement really helped my cats breathing.

A rescue dog in our care started with a dirty ear and this cleared it very quickly .

This has helped another dogs coat previously had Demodex mange from a poor immune system , we have new hair growth

We use this for our rescue , we rescue dogs from primarily Macedonia , who can have poor gut health , this is an excellent supplement .

I didn't want to keep our 8y\/o GSD on a non-steroid anti-inflammatory for a stiff shoulder, so she has been on these for months and no sign of any stiffness

So my dog has suffered with diarrhoea for a month now so I decided to give this product a try with regards of research saying more fibre would help, also my Westie had her teeth out and I find every time having operations of any sort and antibiotics are giving their immune system seems to Drop\r\nCausing itching skin and scabs etc ) now the vets won\u2019t admit this but I know there is a connection! Anyway this product I was told acts as probiotics as well. She has only been on for a week but has been a definite increase of stools more solid. Which is great so really happy. I will write another review in time\r\nTo say if skin has improved but Iv put on antihistamine to help that problem! All this has come from antibiotics, like\r\nHumans it does destroy the immune system, especially for west highland terriers! I will be looking into the rest of the products they produce. Thank you.

Verm-X Crunchy Treats for Dogs
Jane Buchan-Turner

I started using this product last year and have stopped all other worming treatment and do a faecal egg count twice a year and have had no concerns so we continue and no nasty chemicals for my dogs.

Doggie joint

We've been using this on 2 of our dogs, Jess, a 7yr old staffordshire bull terrier bitch ,who had a cruciate operation, and was still stiff, a while after her operation.And our 12yr old girl Freya,who as been suffering with stiffness and not been able to jump around like she once could ,we was told about jpholistic doggie joint care ,Jess as been on them about 10 months and Freya about 5 months both girls have hadtremendous results since starting doggie joint

Gut Skin Doggie Fibre and Omega
Deborah Dallas
Wished I’d used this sooner

After using these two products I’ve noticed a great improvement in my 2 pugs
They both were very itchy but hardly any scratching

Gentle and effective

bought this as maintenance control for one of my dogs that has gut issues. It was a follow up to the digestive paste. It is helping that dog a lot. I have also given a dose to one of my pups who had a slight issue after eating something he shouldn’t and it did the trick. So gentle enough for everyday and strong enough for the occasional mild runny bum.

Fibres supplement

Dog seems to like it he's full of energy and healthy. Our boarding kennel recommended it to us.

Great product for my older Staffordshire bull terrier

I purchased this product to try as my sbt who is 9+ years young was struggling with jumping onto the sofa. Within a week of using it it's noticeable made a huge difference. She has the tablets added to her food and eats them no problem.
Thank you.

Holistic Doggy Joint

In only a couple of days this supplement has been amazing. Highly recommend

It’s early days yet but we have noticed a difference